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Support CASA of Cuyahoga County

You can support CASA of Cuyahoga County through individual donations, event sponsorships, your company's matching gift program, or by hosting a fundraising event. Your contribution will support CASA volunteers in their efforts to help our community's most vulnerable children.

Nationally, it costs approximately $1,000 a year (or $84 a month) to advocate for one child

Even with volunteer advocates there are costs such as the following:

  • Advertising, recruitment and outreach efforts to raise awareness and recruit volunteers

  • Training costs – including the 30-hour pre-service training required for all volunteers, and the 12-hours of annual in-service training

  • Screening costs – A fingerprint background check is required for each new volunteer and for current volunteers every three years

  • Support and administrative costs – Each 30 volunteers must be supervised by a staff member as well as all the additional administrative, training, case management, and non-profit agency costs

CASA understands the need for complete transparency and how our funds are used. We welcome questions and will gladly provide additional information whenever possible.